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Triad Mastermind Group

Welcome to the online community of the Triad Mastermind Real Estate Group providing real estate services to investors.

This community website is used as a knowledge base to share useful links, files, questions, ideas, data, news, triumphs, challenges, solutions, suggestions, and more.

Jim Williams, Karen Rittenhouse,  and Rita Cannizzaro are successful real estate service providers with years of experience that will mentor and coach you!  Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Why Mastermind?

First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination."    - Napoleon Hill

Ask yourself what it is that you would like to achieve and then turn your attention to the people who can help you attain that goal.


Each member has his or her own personal or business mission to accomplish.  Accountability and support from the group keeps members focused and moving toward their goals.

Every person's participation is essential.  Peers give feedback, brainstorm new possibilities and set accountability guidelines to keep the meetings focused.  Confidentiality is required as we create an environment that is safe and non-judgmental.

"Trust deepens as the group forms. Confidentiality, like a water-tight bond, is the most important part of mastermind groups."

As individuals, we have the ability only to see things from our own perspective, our own world view.  By adding others to the mix, a new intellect is created to see things from a fresh and unique perspective; what some call the "third mind."  It is that collective third mind that processes and distills information down to its essence, and it is there that thoughts crystallize into ideas. It is also where the "Aha!" moments occur.

One mind can never imagine the possibilities created when a group of like-minded individuals become focused.

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How we help you to become successful

Jim Williams, Karen Rittenhouse are now HomeVestors real estate franchise owners and  you can be one too!

Many people are asking us:

  • Do you have systems?
  • Do you have lead generation techniques?
  • Do you handle your own marketing?
  • "How do you do it?"
  • "Can you show me how to do this deal?"
  • "Can you teach me deal structuring?"
  • "Do you provide deal analysis?"
  • "Where do you get your leads?"
  • "How do you fill your houses so quickly?"
  • "Can I follow you around?"
  • "Will you partner with me?"
  • "Do you buy REOs?"
  • "How do you rehab a house?”
  • "How do you manage contractors?"
  • "Do you work with real estate agents?"
  • "What does Seller Financing mean?"
  • "How can I be "The Bank?"
  • "How do you Wholesale?"
  • "What is a Lease Option?"
  • "Will you partner with me?"
  • "How do you do "Short Sales?"
  • "How do you determine pricing?"
  • "How do you do your comparables?"
  • "Do you manage your own properties?"
  • "Who’s your Attorney?"
  • How do you do a "Lease Option?"
  • "How do you know what to offer?"
  • "How do you sell your houses?"
  • "What do I need in my Operating Agreement for my enitity?"
  • "How do I become a "Full-Time Real Estate Investor for tax purposes?"
  • "What do "passive loss or deductions mean?"
  • "How do you componentize your depreciations?"
  • "Will teach me how to market for leads?"
  • "How do you use IRA money?"
  • What is a "Preferred LLC" used for?"
  • "What funding strategies do you use?"
  • "Why do I need a partnership LLC for real estate holdings?"
  • "How do you protect your assets?"
  • "What is an Assigment?"
  • "Do you use a Property Management company or can I manage my own property?"
  • "What Paperwork do you use?"
  • Who is your "CPA?"

Well, we wanted to help people but we really didn't have the time or a method for coaching others until now. Finally, Triad Mastermind Group For Real Estate is our way to help direct those who are highly motivated and want and/or need help with their own real estate goal.

There is a real need for a group of like-minded individuals who can grow together. As housing providers, we need support and strength in the market place as group of like minded individuals to further our mission to provide  housing. We have many deals that we want to share with other others who are doing business and handling customers the same way we are - with honesty and integrity. We need to promote legislation and create a voice to show the community that we are reliable and are helping local property values as well as helping homeowners in need.

Jim, Karen, & Rita

Your Mastermind Team

www.triadmastermind.com contact us today.



Bill's Testimonial

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What Others Say

Thanks to the Triad Mastermind Group

Thanks to the TMM Group and my personal coach, Coach Fred, I have learned more in the last six months than years of studying on my own and attending many seminars etc. And now I can honestly say the money I have invested in TMM has made an incredible return. I started this past Jan, 2012 and by April I had my first deal closed. It was a subject-to deal with $381 out of pocket at the closing table. I did, however, have to go in and clean out the house, paint, replace all the flooring (one level completely covered with Allure flooring. It looks great! Thanks TMM) and make a number of repairs totaling apx. $5,500. Still a great deal considering all I learned and it is now rented with $125 month cashflow.

And, boy oh boy, was the learning worthwhile. With that knowledge, I then went out and secured my next deal which closed at the end of June. I’m still expecting to wake up from this deal because it seems like a dream. I say that because shortly after I joined the group, Fred sent me a video of other Master Mind members from a Christmas party where a member was telling how she had just closed a deal where the seller was going to pay apx $30k to her to buy the house. I can still remember thinking that would be a dream deal.

Well here are the details to my most recent deal. I just purchased a house on a subject-to deal with $1750 out of my pocket at the closing table and just a “little” equity,…. $60k+ to be exact!!! This figured is based on a house of the same size, style etc that sold in the neighborhood in the last 3 months. House is rent ready and should be rented by the end of the month with $130 month cashflow. And one of the best perks for me was the email I received today from the seller. She wanted to thank me for making everything go so easily for her and her family. This was an extra house they had and they needed to sell quickly because they were moving out of state. She also wanted to let me know that I could use her as a referral anytime. AWESOME!

And last but not least, I got word today that a third seller has agreed to pay me apx $2000 at the closing table along with their paying all closing costs to buy their house on a subject-to deal where I will be able to acquire apx $28k of equity. All I’ll have to do is a little touch up drywall work and some light painting and it too will be rent ready.

Thanks again TMM and Coach Fred!

What Others Say

More Testimonials

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