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HomeVestors Franchise

Jim Williams and Karen Rittenhouse are now HomeVestors Real Estate Franchise owners and Real Estate Franchise Coaches! If you want to know more about a Franchise opportunity buying houses with Homevestors of America, The #1 House Buyer in the U.S, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . or visit

Are you currently a real estate investor, wondering why (or if) you should purchase a Franchise?

Here’s what happened with our team who, after years of “going it on our own”, we decided to purchase a HomeVestors Franchise. Our family, coaching clients, friends and peers all thought we were CRAZY! Why mess with success?

Jim Williams, Kiet Nguyen, and Karen Rittenhouse (JKK Property Investors), purchased a Homevestors franchise after 10 years of being mavericks in the real estate investing business. We started in the good times, survived the market downfall, and climbed back up out of the mess the banking industry put us all in. We had no one to ask: how, what, where, why or when during the worst US economy since the Depression of 1929. We struggled, and we survived, only to have no real direction in the post 2008 real estate world. So, we hired business coaches, we hired personal development coaches, we went anywhere and everywhere real estate was being discussed without true real estate business direction from a successful real estate coach/mentor that wasn't trying to sell us something! Hence our final decision to become a Homevestor Franchise where systems, training, and mentoring is standard protocol and it came from a success position! They didn't get paid unless I made money!

At the time we considered joining HomeVestors of America (HVA), we had two office locations, 16 full-time employees, a Property Management Company, a Real Estate Brokerage, and a real estate coaching business, all functioning as offshoots of our investment company that held roughly 125 of our own rental properties. We had a solid net worth and a strong monthly income.

However, we were not “satisfied” and were tired of:

  • being constantly beaten down by market shifts

  • being considered as functioning in a somewhat less-than-respected industry

  • having to create and recreate every area of the business as the need arose

  • having to scour for knowledge regarding issues in our business no one had experienced


  • having no peer group to relate to and no successful peers to grow with

  • being compared to the bandit sign investors

  • having no “successful mentors” beyond where we were

    Were we successful? We purchased 43 houses the year before buying our HomeVestors Franchise so, yes, compared to many other investors, we were successful.

    Were others following us and our success? Yes. We had a successful real estate coaching business.

    Did we NEED to take on a franchise? No. Well, not that we knew at the time....

    However, are we glad we decided to take on a franchise and would we do it again? Absolutely YES! In fact, we wish we’d done it sooner because there’s no question we’d be further along toward accomplishing our goals and our vision of success.

    What advantages have we found that make it more than worth the HVA buy-in costs and ongoing fees:

  • They have an untapped "Hidden City of Motivated Sellers" like we have never experienced before!

  • HomeVestors is the LARGEST House Buying Association in the NATION! They have purchased over 60,000 homes...

  • We increased our buying business by 90% and our selling business by 100% in our first 12 months with the franchise. Absolutely Amazing!

  • When we run into an obstacle or new “twist” in the market, rather than creating yet another way of doing business, we simply plug into the processes HomeVestors has already created.

  • HVA offers the systems necessary to function from the start-up level to the most advanced business levels so you can scale up as your business grows.

  • We find consistently higher quality leads, and a higher level of functionality due to the standardization of their processes.

  • HVA provides world class buyer training resulting in higher volume and deeper discounts than ever before.

  • Problems are solved in hours rather than the weeks and months you can spend as you search for answers in the market place on your own.

  • The Franchise Development Agents (DAs) don't get paid unless you succeed. There are no upfront training costs where you hope to get help as your need arises - the DAs are there whenever the need arises.

  • We received the rapid recognition associated with the branding that HomeVestors has created since 1996.

  • At our level of success, we were looking for an upgraded peer group. HomeVestors has that, with some franchisees buying up to 128 houses a year and owning over 400 rentals. There’s plenty of room to grow through leadership provided within the franchisees peer group.

  • HVA provides simple and understandable solutions to complex real estate specific problems.

  • We find non-competitive leads.

  • HVA provides an integrative contact management system.

  • Multiple franchisees in the same market sell to, interact with, and combine marketing funds for

    exponential exposure.

  • Special pre-designed and exclusive venues help sell your properties to the marketplace.

    “I’m a systems guy and even though we’d created piecemeal systems, they weren’t as integrated as the ones HomeVestors provides. When running the kind of operations we had, knowing where you stand at ALL times is absolutely critical. The HVA dashboard metrics, with lead to conversions and marketing cost analysis, gave me the ability to drive the machine we have. Plus, with the new MAPS 2.0 contact management system, the Franchise Activity Reports dashboard allows us to see the results that our staff, sales department, and buyers are producing. Its awesome. In the past, I drove everyone nuts asking them almost daily for activity reports so I could keep up with everything. Now I easily see it all on my office desktop! No longer do our staff run from me. Half as many meetings, twice as much productivity!”

    Jim Williams

    What you need to have a successful real estate investing business is:

  • • brand recognition
    • quality lead generation
    • system

  • • marketing tools

  • • accounting processes
    • buying/selling processes
    • peer support
    • access to funds
    • the ability to be a problem solver

    We were immediately handed all of this through our HomeVestors Franchise. How frustrating that we had spent years trying to create it on our own.

No matter which business venture you enter, don’t take the time and expense to recreate the wheel. Find someone who already has a fully functioning wheel and buy it from them. This will absolutely start your business years ahead of anyone going it on their own. We know, we did it the hard way - we did it OUR WAY. We wish we’d had the HomeVestors way much sooner, but we have it now and we’re loving it! 

Triad Mastermind training and coaching is no longer available. We found a better way of doing Real Estate with HomeVestors of America and are we now a Top Ten HomeVestor of America franchise owners , Come join us!

To your Success,

Jim & Karen

 Jim Williams and  Karen Rittenhouse  are successful real estate service providers with years of experience.  Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Why Masterminding?

First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination."    - Napoleon Hill

Ask yourself what it is that you would like to achieve and then turn your attention to the people who can help you attain that goal.


Each member has his or her own personal or business mission to accomplish.  Accountability and support from the group keeps members focused and moving toward their goals.

Every person's participation is essential.  Peers give feedback, brainstorm new possibilities and set accountability guidelines to keep the meetings focused.  Confidentiality is required as we create an environment that is safe and non-judgmental.

"Trust deepens as the group forms. Confidentiality, like a water-tight bond, is the most important part of mastermind groups."

As individuals, we have the ability only to see things from our own perspective, our own world view.  By adding others to the mix, a new intellect is created to see things from a fresh and unique perspective; what some call the "third mind."  It is that collective third mind that processes and distills information down to its essence, and it is there that thoughts crystallize into ideas. It is also where the "Aha!" moments occur.

One mind can never imagine the possibilities created when a group of like-minded individuals become focused.


How we help you to become successful

Jim Williams and Karen Rittenhouse are now HomeVestors Real Estate Franchise owners and you can be one too!

Many people are asking us:

  • Do you have systems?
  • Do you have lead generation techniques?
  • Do you handle your own marketing?
  • "How do you do it?"
  • "Can you show me how to do this deal?"
  • "Can you teach me deal structuring?"
  • "Do you provide deal analysis?"
  • "Where do you get your leads?"
  • "Can I follow you around?"
  • "Will you partner with me?"
  • "Do you buy REOs?"
  • "How do you rehab a house?”
  • "How do you manage contractors?"
  • "Do you work with real estate agents?"
  • "What does Seller Financing mean?"
  • "How can I be "The Bank?"
  • "How do you Wholesale?"
  • "What is a Lease Option?"
  • "Will you partner with me?"
  • "How do you do "Short Sales?"
  • "How do you determine pricing?"
  • "How do you do your comparables?"
  • "Do you manage your own properties?"
  • "Who’s your Attorney?"
  • How do you do a "Lease Option?"
  • "How do you know what to offer?"
  • "How do you sell your houses?"
  • "What do I need in my Operating Agreement for my enitity?"
  • "How do I become a "Full-Time Real Estate Investor for tax purposes?"
  • "What do "passive loss or deductions mean?"
  • "How do you componentize your depreciations?"
  • "How do you use IRA money?"
  • What is a "Preferred LLC" used for?"
  • "What funding strategies do you use?"
  • "Why do I need a partnership LLC for real estate holdings?"
  • "How do you protect your assets?"
  • "What is an Assigment?"
  • "Do you use a Property Management company or can I manage my own property?"
  • Who is your "CPA?"

 Finally, a  way to help direct those who are highly motivated and want and/or need help with their own real estate goals.


Jim Williams and Karen Rittenhouse

Your HomeVestors Real Estate Franchise Coaches 


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